For so many of us, our wedding day is our big chance to go all-out. This might mean beautiful decorations, amazing food, and a suit and dress to kill!

It also means a big chance to show your wedding party how much they mean to you. Your parents, siblings, and those who are basically “family” (even though they’re not technically family) are going to stand up next to you, and be as much a part of this as the person you’re about to say “I do” to.

There are many ways to say thank you.  A friend of mine once paid for all her bridesmaids to fly to California, and paid for all the hotel rooms as well!

Another friend of mine took their groomsmen on a bachelor party in Hawaii (an awesome trip they’ll never forget!)

But for many of us, giving an unforgettable gift is the chance to say “thank you.”  Maybe it’s the only gift you’ve ever gotten your groomsmen! Or. . . maybe it just makes up for the last two birthdays you forgot 😕

Either way, a truly special gift, that impresses your groomsmen, is memorable for both you and them.

  1. Personalized Compass

Personalized Gold Brass Compass with Box from

“Wherever you go, you’ll always be my best man. . . “ This is such a beautiful and memorable sentiment, as well as a classic, masculine gift. The compass communicates a sense of direction–and possibly a brilliant future.

This beautiful momento harkens back to another time, and another experience. It is both a message and a momento.  Also perfect for weddings where the groomsmen have to travel, it’s lightweight and easy to carry. 

One of the appeals of this type of gift is that it’s got the elegance of jewelry, and it’s hard to find that jewelry that all men will feel comfortable with. I like that this is a token of the same sort, while still being perfectly masculine.

This gift lasts forever. It is engraved with the name of your groomsmen (or anything else you want), and it’s designed to be a part of your daily routine–or simply something that is stored and taken out for a conversation starter!

At $34.99 it’s a very affordable and impressive gift, and far less expensive than similar engraved jewelry.

  1. Cheese Board

Personalized Cheese Board Wedding Set from

So, this cheese board is a classic wedding gift–but it can also be a cool and affordable gift for guys who are a little more refined, and want a nice wine and cheese night with their friends!

It’s a hand-crafted wooden cutting board (wooden ones are the best, if you don’t know!) that has a secret drawer. The drawer swings open, revealing 4 stainless steel wood-handled cheese tools that have stainless steel blades!

Basically, you buy the wine and cheese, and you have your own party!

Handcrafted wooden gifts are especially nice at weddings. They feel warm and familiar, as well as time-consuming.

This set is five pieces, looks expensive and complete, and has a five-star rating on Etsy, with ecstatic customer reviews.  Come to think of it, I kind of want one now.

  1. Personalized Hatchets

Custom Engraved Hatchet from

Personalized hatchets are are very on-trend right now, but I find these hatchets from Staghead Designs to be particularly cool, and seem high-quality.  

Hand-sanded and stained, each hatchet comes with a custom engraved handle and a special Staghead branded blade. I really like that for an additional $20 per hatchet you can actually get an image engraved on the hatchet!

These are just as fun to display as they are to throw. Maybe. 

They also have the uncanny ability to make every guy who doesn’t have a hatchet a little bit jealous.

Either way, they are about as fun as a man-gift gets. They can be especially good for those guys who are non-drinkers, or extra sporty!

  1. Garment Bag

Personalized Convertible Garment Bag from

Here’s a beautiful, personalized garment bag for your guys-on-the-go. It’s available in about a dozen colors, with individualized thread choices as well, and your groomsman’s initials on the front!

A high-quality bag, it’s great for keeping clothes in good shape as you travel. It also looks ultra professional and works as a carry on! This is such a high-class gift for those who are frequent travelers, or even those guys who still carry their stuff around in a plastic bag!

The cloth bag is classic and can be cleaned. It’s also great for travel to have a personalized bag that can be found quickly if you wish to check the bag, or travel with others.

Also: The selection of colors means each guy can have his own color bag, which is awesome, and this is also a great gift for others in the wedding party–women can use a garment bag too!

  1. Custom Bobblehead

Custom Groomsmen Bobbleheads Doll from

If you have been living under a rock and have not heard of the new trend of the custom bobblehead–it’s time to say, “Welcome to the light.”

Who doesn’t love having their own image on a weird little bobbly doll!?  Apparently, we all love it, because these gifts are showstoppers! They will be the talk of the wedding, and may even get your single groomsmen a date!💕💕

These dolls are not particularly inexpensive, as they range $50-$100, depending on how specific your customization is, but artists make an amazing caricature of your groomsmen, each individually, and produce these adorable bobbleheads–lasting forever!

You simply send in a picture, and they can create your brother or friend memorialized in plastic. Some websites with these bobbleheads available allows you to add such things as props (golf clubs, baseball bats, etc.)

This particular website allows you to put a personalization on the base, and choose whether you want the head to bobble or not!

At the end of the day, it’s about as personal as you get–giving your groomsmen a gift of a mini-me!